Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You're fired!

So I got laid off on Friday from my full time job.  I did not see it coming and it sucks.
I let myself be bummed about it on Friday but it was kind of hard cause my Mom took me to get a latte and bought me some vintage shoes at the thrift store. Then later that night we had hot dogs for dinner and Sam, Rachel, Daniel and Mom and Dad and I all went to the Block to see Race toWitch Mountain, which was pretty good for a kids movie. 
I am helping my Dad with some production stuff and working a few hours a week at Anthropologie, but other than that I have to find SOMETHING!
I sat by the pool today, so that was nice. But I would like another full time job so I can continue living my life and trying to get out of the whole of student loan debt that I have.
Hit me up if you know of anyone who is hiring!
This picture is just inspiring for me and hopefully for you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

no, goodbye

I make a bazillion calls every day and have noticed a fairly strong pet peeve of mine.
When you are finished a phone call, don't say buh-bye. Just say bye, or goodbye.
That's it. Buh-bye sounds so bourgeois .
That's it for this Friday. Back with a vengeance on Monday!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Broken Down

My laptop is being repaired at the Apple Store in Irvine and I have a headache 'cause I had a wisdom tooth pulled.
But I will be back with a vengeance cause I am making french toast tonight for several of my peeps and photos will have to be taken.
I went to Mexico and I didn't take any pictures because I was drugged out and it felt like everyone on the streets were on edge. Don't go to Mexico right now unless you have a really good reason to go.
I had an awesome reason. A wisdom tooth pulled for 105 bucks.
Later skater

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Role Models

I just realized that there has been very little mention on here about two of my favorite people in the world. These two kiddos.  My sister, Rachel Anita is 13 and my brother Sam is 11.
So, basically I think they are some of the funniest people I have ever met, and they haven't even gotten started! Some funny people don't get funny until after they are teenagers.
And they are also really cool and interesting and smart and basically I want to be like them when I grow up.
Rachel loves animals, she is into sports and is good at them and she can sing and play the piano at the same time. Not to mention that she has a gazillion friends and everyone just wants to hang out with her cause she is goofy and funny and sweet.
When she was little she would walk around the house in a swimsuit, high heels and a boa but she would still climb trees or get dirty or whatever her boy cousins were doing.
And she is not in a hurry to grow up which is the coolest part to me cause I was in a race to be 18? I don't know why I rushed myself so much.
But when she is older, she wants to work with animals. So basically she will be like this lady.

Ya, I know, cool.

Then we have my brother who is a genius as well. He was writing and illustrating his own comic books at age 5? 6? They were called the Adventures of Hungry Boy and Dino Girl.
He wants to be this guy.
And when he is a famous director he will live in a big house in the Hollywood hills with his wife and kids and Rachel and I will be allowed to live there if we want.
He knows he is going straight to the top and there are no ifs ands or buts about it.
He also knows more baseball trivia than anyone I have ever met.

So basically I have the coolest siblings and I am a lucky gal to get to hang out with them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If you say it, don't spray it

I have this new resolution that came at me from nowhere. I heard myself the other day say something about being poor. And while I don't own a stack of cash, ( see above) I am NOT poor.
I am so rich. I have a goofy, fun family that always finds a way to have a ball wherever we are. I have seriously awesome roommates that make me laugh and inspire me.
I have a JOB. I will have a second one starting next week.
I have a car that works and actually has air conditioning and a CD player! 
I have clothes that fit me and I feel good in. 
I have a wide array of friends that live all over the place but are funny and interesting and cool and sweet to me.
 I have friends like Tina and Cristina that are amazing gals who love God and are totally real and always encourage me.
And last but not least, this guy is mine.
 And he makes me laugh and treats me like a QUEEN!

So, why would those words ever come out of my mouth???
Yeah cause that is a lie.
In the life department I'm a cash money millionaire.

Good things come to those who wait, and at times obsess

So after much thought I think I know what the rollerskate deal was all about.
I was thinking of making a short film in which the rollerskate is used as a tool, but not in the traditional sense. I just had a flash of the image and I thought it was funny.
It probably wouldn't make sense until you see the film ( which I HAVE to make now) and even then, if you don't like it or don't think it is funny, then I kind of don't care cause I still think it is hilarious and I have to see it come to life.