Friday, April 8, 2011

Here comes this bride...

I knew I wanted to marry you even then.

Weddings are stressful.

Don't tell Vera Wang or Martha Stewart that because both of those ladies work very hard to sell you a lot of things to convince you otherwise and they seem pretty cool and I don't want them to go out of business. But yes, weddings are stressful.
They are stressful for a lot of reasons, some of which are magnified if you travel for work and find yourself completely disconnected from your normal life for a week or more at a time and stuck in a tiny airport in North Carolina that has no restaurants and you are trying to buy bulk tissue paper from
The other thing that makes this wedding hard for me is I have a bad relationship with money ( which a wedding requires) and I have an even harder time asking for help.
My life is like this; I need help to do something and instead of asking for it I get stressed, over-worked and miserable but then when people say, "Let me know if you need any help!" I'm like, "Oh no, thanks though." WHHAAATTT!???

When Daniel asked me to marry him, he made me the happiest girl in the world and I said yes and grabbed the ring and put it on my finger before he had time to do it for me. (Apparently that is something the guy "should" do)
But then I just wanted to elope, cause the only thing I cared about was the being married part. The waking up every morning beside the same person and making breakfast and hanging out and watching SNL clips on HULU in your sweatpants and being together forever and ever.

Life is not like that though. Because when you marry someone, you are marrying them, their family, their friends, their traditions. The whole shebang.
And for us, the whole shebang includes 2 wedding ceremonies ( yes, I know 2) and a whole lot of food and dancing and decorations and invitations and tablecloth rentals and all that other stupid stuff that the wedding industry pushes at you.

So instead of buying into all that baloney, I'm officially over the stress, and I am ready to see my family that is flying all the way from Toronto to be with us, and every other family member and friend that will make it out to see us say I do. We will say yes, I promise to be with you forever and kiss you when your breath stinks and hold your hand when you need to cry.

Does that sound like a deal? OK great that's what I thought