Friday, February 27, 2009

I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you got a brand new key

The night before last I was having trouble settling down and clearing my mind enough to sleep.
I kept thinking of things I should do, people I should see, etc. and it was getting pretty late.
I finally managed to get myself calmed down and start dozing off when I had an awesome idea. I thought that if I didn't get up and write it down right at that moment the thought would never return to me. So I got up, switched on the light, and wrote down one word.
Now, I know rollerskate is a pretty cool word, but I have NO idea what I was supposed to remember about a rollerskate and it is driving me INSANE!!!
I can't stop thinking about it cause I remember it was a good idea ( good enough to get out of my warm bed for)
What was I thinking about? Was I actually sleeping so there isn't any real meaning behind it?
I have to figure this thing out

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I think I am allergic to Thursday

I have made the official decision to begin blogging once again. I really enjoy it and I have told myself to post at least one item a day.

Today I am at work so nothing too surprising except that Alisa ( my boss) brought us pan dulce, which I don't normally care for, but then I had  one that looked kind of like a croissant but wasn't as buttery and was a little sweeter and OH MY GAH, that thing was delicious.
I have to find out where to buy those, or maybe I shouldn't.

Why is it that my sweet tooth causes me so much internal angst? I go back and forth with myself about my rules with all things sugary. I will say, one sweet treat a week ( which isn't realistic) but then if I say one treat a day, that isn't really curbing anything. 
Any suggestions? I just know that sugar is not my BFF, even though that would be awesome.