Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First things first.

Some things, like running and reading your bible, require you to prioritize them in order to fit them in to your day. Both things keep you healthy and start your day right but if you skip both and get in the habit of skipping both, fitting them in again is a challenge.
I was reminded again today how life is really about each persons journey. I saw a man jogging on the trail in front of me that was obese. Some people have a few extra pounds on them, but this man was obese. And instead of slipping into the usual, judgmental self, I started thinking about his journey. How did he get here? What is his plan? Where is he going?
I've never met him and I probably never will but in that moment I was proud of him. I was proud that he was working towards something other than where he was yesterday. And that is what it is about, really. It's about taking every day and making that day count. Sometimes I feel like I survived a week, but I want to get away from that. I want to thrive.
I can stress about money and not having money til I'm blue in the face but I am so rich. And really, who cares about all the trappings that come with money? The older I get the more I realized that I really don't care about that stuff. And learning to live with less is one of life's greatest lessons.