Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Folding to unfold

I finally found a job. It is part time but it is still a job. I am gainfully employed at J. Crew at South Coast Plaza. If you have never been there, South Coast is a world-renowned shoppers destination.  Every designer worth knowing has a boutique here and I get the lovely privilege of assisting the same demanding group of customers.
So far the job is OK. It doesn't pay enough to live on but until I find something else I at least have somewhere to go and have started making money instead of just spending it.
While at work I fold clothes. So far that is all I have done. When you work in retail you also have to "board fold" the items so that everything is perfect and beautiful.  When I was folding today I was kind of spacing out and thinking about the things that we all do on a daily basis that will only be undone.  Take for example making the bed. When you make the bed, you know that within 12 hours or so you will be undoing the work that you just did.  The same goes with washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, filling your gas tank.
These are all things in life that we can begin to detest, or we can step back and see them as the things and moments that make up our days and more importantly our attitudes.  I could sit there and say that I hate folding and that it is a waste of my time and have a negative outlook over the whole thing, or I could suck it up, be thankful for the lesson in patience and realize that I can spend all the time while I fold, to think, to pray and to plan.
God wants a relationship with me that can be fluid, conversational and a fundamental element of my daily routine.  He also wants me to be able to say, " Hey, I have a few minutes, want to talk?"
So there is no reason to stress because as I fold, He can unfold something brand new in front of me.