Monday, August 17, 2009

A piece of peace

True peace only comes from God, and maybe that is what this is all about, giving in to the fact that He has control and I don't and that is perfect.
But I have never really felt this, I guess, settled?
I am a chronic stress case. Nothing is ever enough, or good, or how I think it should be. I am always thinking ahead and worrying about what will happen 6 months from now.
And yet, for the first time in probably my whole life I feel content. I see my life and where it is now and it is good. Not because everything is figured out and I have all the money that I need or anything like that, but because it is just a simple life. I don't have the tragedy that so many deal with, and I think that is starting to sink in and I can just BE. I can be someone who is loved by God and that makes my life enough.
Well, that and red velvet cupcakes from Brite Spot!


Cristina said...

I love this post! And where is that cupcake place? :)

Kent said...

hells yes!

Cole said...

what a great post. simplicity is such a wonderful thing. that and knowing that God faithfully always taking care of us. lovely blog.
nicole visiting from